Keynote speaker: Giancarlo Guizzardi

We are proud to announce that the keynote speaker of iStar’14 will be Giancarlo Guizzardi.

Title: The Role of Foundational Ontology for Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering


Giancarlo Guizzardi obtained  a  PhD  degree  (with  the  highest  distinction)  from  the  University of Twente, in The Netherlands in 2005. He is currently an associate professor and research lead in the Ontology and Conceptual Modeling Research Group (NEMO), Federal University of Espirito Santo, in Brazil, a visiting professor at the University of Trento, Italy, and and associate researcher at the Laboratory for Applied Ontology (LOA), at the ISTC-CNR, Italy.  He  has  been  working  since  1997  in  the  development  of  Domain  and  Foundational Ontologies and their application in computer science and, primarily, in the  area of Conceptual Modeling. He is a former member of the Executive Council and currently a member of the Advisory Board of the International Association for Ontologies and its Applications (IAOA). He is also an editorial board member of the following journals: Applied Ontology, Semantic Web, Requirements Engineering and International Journal of Information Systems Modeling and Design. Furthermore, over the years he has also been actively involved in a number of international conferences in the areas of conceptual modeling and ontologies, including FOIS (PC chair, general organization chair), CAISE (Program Board member, tutorialist, panelist), ER (tutorialist, PC member), and IEEE EDOC (PC chair). Finally, his experience in  the  aforementioned areas  has  also  been  acquired  in  a  number  of industrial  projects  in  domains  such  as  Off-Shore  Software  Development,  Petroleum  and  Gas,  Digital Journalism,  E-Government, Telecommunications  and  Complex Media Management.
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